A unique event bringing a 360° degree perspective on Smart Cities and Smart Mobility-related projects and activities.
Day 1
23 Nov 2016
Day 2
24 Nov 2016


Stefan Stanko

Keynote speakers

An overview of the current situation within smart cities and how the automotive industry is one of the key elements to focus on in the area of “SMART”
Maroš Finka
Rastislav Chovanec
Roman Brecely

Panel discussion – Automotive Industry in Slovakia (current situation)

• Slovakia- world’s largest producer of cars per capita, ‘Tatra Tiger´ in the automotive industry • Automotive Industry in Slovakia – challenges and opportunities • Talent acquisition, acquisition of local...
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Tomas Petovsky
Peter Pištek
Jan Lesinsky
Jaroslav Holeček
Martin Jesny

Panel discussion – Future Outlook on the automotive industry in Europe

• Shift from manufacturing to software and services: Technology and innovation needs to be aligned with excellent customer experience • Self-driven cars, connected cars, enhanced driver support and other innovative...
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Carlos Varela Martín
Roman Brecely
Bert Witkamp
Swen Postels

Alternative energy sources

• Solar panels and wind power and their use in transportation and smart cities • Environment- friendly transportation • Cost effective solutions for individuals, municipalities and smart cities
Carlos Varela Martín
Patrik Križanský
Tamás Vahl
Thomas Willson

The importance of cooperation among Industry, research and universities (case study)

Comparison of educational systems, challenges and opportunities Focus on cooperation among industry, universities and researchers Case Study Imagineering Institute Iskandar Malaysia
Predrag Nikolic

Keynote speakers

Juraj Lapin
Helmut W. Morsi

Success stories

Connected cars, smart solutions, electric cars
Ivan Mrvoš
Tomas Petovsky
Carlos Varela Martín
Tomáš Kováčik

Technology forecast

Smart City and automotive experts and professionals have put their heads together in the Technology forecast session to figure out what the future of Smart cities will look like.
Jean-Philippe Le Gac
Massimo Villari
Lance Leverette
Tamás Vahl

Technology forecast II

Radoslav Mizera

Panel discussion – BIG DATA: Opportunities and threats

• How to use BIG DATA effectively • Data security, Data protection and data breaches
Lance Leverette
Juraj Kapasny
Peter Balik

Birds of a Feather (round tables discussions)

Discuss with experts the pressing issues in smart city and automotive sector
Eduardo Tomé
Massimo Villari
Predrag Nikolic
Csaba Juhász