A unique event bringing a 360° degree perspective on Smart Cities and Smart Mobility-related projects and activities.

Smart City 360° 2016 Summit Speakers

Swen Postels

Strategist and Chief Technologist Automotive Hewlett-Packard GmbH

Martin Jesny

Director of SON Media and Information Professional

Jaroslav Holeček

Executive Vice President of Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic

Bert Witkamp

Secretary General of AVERE, The European Association for Electromobility

Roman Brecely

Former Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Slovakia

Jan Lesinsky

Professor, FME STU


Founder of Next Generation Stress Management (NGStress)

Radoslav Mizera

Vice President, Solved- The Cleantech Company

Rastislav Chovanec

State Secretary of The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Thomas Willson

Standardisation Officer Smarts meters and Smart grids, Chemicals, Energy- European Environmental Citizens´ Organization for Standardisation

Tamás Vahl

Industry Leader Distribution, Energy and Utilities IBM Central and Easter Europe (CEE)

Csaba Juhász

Founder of J&J (PSV) Ltd. - Specialised in TMS (Traffic Management Systems) and System Integrations

Dagmar Cagáňová

Assistant Professor at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Patrik Križanský

Managing Partner, ENAIRGY

Predrag Nikolic

Dean of the Faculty of Digital Production at Educons University Serbia and Senior Research Fellow at Imagineering Institute Malaysia

Peter Balik

Economic Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Bratislava

Juraj Kapasny

Co-founder and Data Scientist at Knoyd

Lance Leverette

Market Research and Commercialization Consultant- Industrial and Technical Markets

Tomáš Kováčik

Teacher and researcher at Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Massimo Villari

Associate Professor in Computer Engineering at University of Messina (Italy)

Eduardo Tomé

Professor at Universidade Europeia University in Lisbon

Helmut W. Morsi

Advisor to the Director of "European Mobility Network", including Coordination of Innovation & New Technologies and IT/TENtec European Commission, DG MOVE, Brussels, BE.

Stefan Stanko

Vice-rector for education, STU

Carlos Varela Martín

Consultant, , Resourcefully

Jean-Philippe Le Gac

Regulation Manager, Valeo Driving Assistance

Juraj Lapin

Member of The Presidium of SAS, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Maroš Finka

Expert, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, Director SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the EU and Institute of Management Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Peter Pištek

Vice-dean for bachelor study and study promotion

Tomas Petovsky

General Manager of Uber Czech Republic and Slovakia

Ivan Mrvoš

CEO & founder at Include