Keynote Day 04.12.2019

Welcome Speech

Imrich Chlamtac

Henrique M. Dinis Santos

Paulo Cruz

Miguel Bandeira

Imrich Chlamtac
Henrique M. Dinis Santos
Paulo Cruz
Miguel Bandeira

Opening Session

Maria Yeroyanni

António Cunha

Stefan Fischer

Maria Yeroyanni
António Cunha
Stefan Fischer

Invited Speakers Session

Predrag K. Nikolic

Sergio Savaresi

Bud Mishra

Predrag K. Nikolic
Sergio M. Savaresi
Bud Mishra

Invited Speakers Session

Ana Moreira

John Zib

Sasu Tarkoma

Ana Moreira
John Zib
Sasu Tarkoma

Invited Speakers Session

Rui Pedro Henriques

Lance Leverette

Rui Pedro Henriques
Lance Leverette

Panel Session

Paulo Pereira
Isabel Ferreira
Miguel Bandeira
Valerià Paül

Social Event and Gala Dinner

Social Event and the Gala Dinner will take place at the Herança Magna

1st Conference day 05.12.2019

S-CUBE 2019

10th EAI International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software

SESC conference will take place on the 5th December in the room #3
9:00 – 9:10 S-Cube Opening
9:10 – 11:00


Session Chair: José A. Afonso

  1. Real-time monitoring of electric motors for detection of operating anomalies and predictive maintenance; Luis Magadán Cobo, Francisco J. Suárez, Juan C. Granda, Daniel F. García
  2. A Cost-Effective Real-time Monitoring System for Water Quality Management based on Internet of Things; Gonçalo Marques, Rui Pitarma
  3. Context-based analysis of urban air quality using na opportunistic mobile sensor network; Xuening Qin, Ljiljana Platisa, Tien Huu Do, Evaggelia Tsiligianni, Jelle Hofman, Valerio Panzica, Nikos Deligiannis, Wilfried Philips
  4. Yet a smarter irrigation system; Sérgio F. Lopes, Rui M. S. Pereira, Sofia O. Lopes, Micael Coutinho, Aureliano Malheiro, Victor Fonte
  5. Person Tracking in Heavy Industry Environments with Camera Images; Nico Zengeler, Alexander Arntz, Dustin Keßler, Matthias Grimm, Ziyaad Qasem, Marc Jansen, Sabrina Eimler, Uwe Handmann
  6. Analysis of building management systems to ensure optimal working environment; Peter Hrabovský, Jozef Jandacka, Zuzana Kolková, Zuzana Florková
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break

SC4Life 2019

EAI International Conference on Society with Future: Smart and Liveable Cities

SC4Life conference will take place on the 5th December in the room #3
11:30 – 13:00

SESSION 1: Cities and Territory

Session Chair: Paulo Pereira

  Keynote Speech: Fillipo Pràtico Title: LIFE E-VIA: Electric Vehicle noise control by assessment and optimisation of tyre/road interaction  
  1. Quantifying the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from awareness-raising actions of sustainable mobility; Petili Souza, Filipa Paiva, Lígia Silva & Paulo Pereira
  2. Leak Detection in Water Distribution Networks via Pressure Analysis using a Machine Learning Ensemble, Vivencio C. Fuentes & Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa
  3. Sustainable road infrastructures using smart materials, NDT, and FEM-based crack prediction; Rosario Fedele, Fillipo Pràtico & Gianfranco Pellicano
  4. Solutions for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings Refurbishment,  Maria Castro, Joana Andrade, Catarina Araújo & Luís Braganç
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30

SESSION 2: Information and technologies

Session Chair: Paulo Novais

  1. Image recognition to improve positioning in smart urban environments; Sara Paiva, Pedro Rodrigues & Benjamim Oliveira
  2. An Hybrid Novel Layered Architecture and Case Study: IoT for Smart Agriculture and Smart LiveStock; Pelagie Houngue, Romaric Sagbo & Colombiano Kedowide
  3. Agrilogistics – A Genetic Programming Based Approach; Divya D. Kulkarni & Shivashankar B. Nair
  4. Real World Third-Person with Multiple Point-of-Views for Immersive Mixed Reality; Zebo Yang, Mingshu Zhang, Taili Zhang Linhao Fu & Tatsuo Nakajima
  5. Internet of Things for Enhanced Smart Cities: A Review, Roadmap and Case on Air Quality Sensing; Gonçalo Marques & Rui Pitarma
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30 

SESSION 3: Citizen-centre needs

Session Chair: Rita Ribeiro

  1. City rankings and the citizens: exposing representational and participatory gaps; Ana Duarte Melo
  2. Building future societies? A brief analysis of Braga’s School Bus project; Emília Araújo; Márcia Silva, Rita Ribeiro & Filipa Corais
  3. Smart pedestrian network: an integrated conceptual model for improving walkability; Fernando P. Fonseca, Paulo J.G. Ribeiro, Mona Jabbari, Elena Petrova, George-Nathaniel Papageorgiou, Elisa Conticelli, Simona Tondelli & Rui A.R. Ramos
  4. Mobility time style: For an integrated view of time and mobilities in societies with a future; Catarina Sales Oliveira & Emília Rodrigues Araújo

SESC 2019

EAI International Conference on Sustainable Energy for Smart Cities 1st day – 5h December

DAY 1 – 5th December

9:00 – 11:00


Session Chair: João L. Afonso and Vitor Monteiro
  1. The Electric Vehicle in Smart Homes: A Review and Future Perspectives, Monteiro, Vitor; Afonso, Jose; Afonso, Joao, L; Sousa, Tiago; Ferreira, Joao
  2. STATCOM Evaluation in Electrified Railway Using V/V and Scott Power Transformers, Barros, Luis; Tanta, Mohamed; Martins, António, P.; Afonso, João, L.; Pinto, J., G.
  3. Towards Smart Railways: A Charging Strategy for On-board Energy Storage Systems, Morais, Vítor, Alves; Afonso, João, Luiz; Martins, António, Pina
  4. A Three-Phase Bidirectional Variable Speed Drive: An Experimental Validation for a Three-Phase Induction Motor, Monteiro, Vitor; Machado, Luis; Afonso, Joao; Sousa, Tiago; Pedrosa, Delfim
  5. Unified Traction and Battery Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles: A Sustainability Perspective, Sousa, Tiago, J. C.; Machado, Luís; Pedrosa, Delfim; Monteiro, Vítor; Afonso, João, L.
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 13:00


Session Chair: Gabriel Pinto and João L. Afonso
  1. Smart Auditorium: Development and Analysis of a Power and Environment Monitoring Platform, Santos, Diogo; Ferreira, João, Carlos; Monteiro, Vitor; Afonso, João, L.
  2. Modeling and Thermal Energy Management in Smart Homes, Khlifi, Khaoula; Haddouk, Amira; Monteiro, Vitor; Afonso, Joao L.; Mechergui, Hfaiedh
  3. Reverse Power Flow Detection Using Optimally Placed μPMUs in a Distribution System, Eloja, Philip Joshua; Jorda, Niko Avel; Pedrasa, Michael Angelo
  4. Comparison of thermal load models for MILP-based demand response planning, Magalhães, Pedro; Antunes, Carlos, Henggeler
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30


Session Chair: João L. Afonso and Gabriel Pinto
  1. Development of a Compact and Low-Cost Weather Station for Renewable Energy Applications, Monteiro, Vitor; Salgado, Jose; Feio, Miguel; Silva, Luis; Afonso, Joao, L; Afonso, Jose, A
  2. Modelling interconnected renewable electricity systems, Ferreira, Paula; Pereira, Elizabete
  3. Integrating PV+Battery residential microgrids in distribution networks: how is the point of common coupling agreed upon? Saviuc, Iolanda; Van Passel, Steven; Peremans, Herbert
  4. Economic Evaluation of PV Generation Curtailment and Voltage Regulation Investment in Distribution Networks with High PV Penetration, Gonzales, Ryan Christopher; Bunagan, Juan Miguel; Pedrasa, Michael Angelo
  5. Increasing photovoltaic self-consumption: an approach with game theory and blockchain, Stephant, Matthieu; Abbes, Dhaker; Hassam-Ouari, Kahina; Labrunie, Antoine; Robyns, Benoît
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30


Session Chair: Vitor Monteiro and Gabriel Pinto
  1. Development of an Internet of Things System for Smart Home HVAC Monitoring and Control, Monteiro, Vitor; Alves, Anibal; Pinto, J.; Afonso, Jose; Afonso, Joao
  2. WaterAMI – Water Automated Metering Infraestructure based on a energy aware wireless mesh network communication protocol, Vieira, Alexandra; Patrão, Carlos; Gonçalves, Tiago; Monteiro, Paulo; Marcelino, Sylvain; Filipe, Edmundo; Damasceno, João; Pereira, Hélio; Sousa, Catarina; Oliveira, Paulo; Carvalho, João
  3. A Versatile High Frequency Electricity Monitoring Framework for our Future Connected Home, Völker, Benjamin; Pfeifer, Marc; Scholl, Philipp, Marcel; Becker, Bernd
  4. Construction and Validation of a Low Cost System for Indoor Air Quality Measurements in Livestock Facilities, Almeida Delgado, Leonardo; Sabença Feliciano, Manuel, Joaquim; Mantovani Frare, Laercio; Campestrini Furst, Leonardo; Pinto Leitão, Paulo, Jorge; Peixoto Igrejas, Getúlio, Paulo
  5. Acoustic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using a Sensor-Rich Smartphone, Song, Yu, Xi; Wang, Mei; Qiu, Bing, Hong; Wei, Xue, Ming


3rd EAI International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems

INTSYS conference will take place on the 5th December in the room #1
9:00 – 10:30

SESSION 1: Modelling

Session Chair: A. L. Martins

  1. Design of a route-planner for urban public transport, promoting social inclusion; R. Dias, T. Fontes, T. Galvao
  2. Three-Lane Roundabout Simulation using SUMO; B. Leite, P. Azevedo, R. Leixo, R. Rossetti
  3. Directional Grid-based Search for Simulation Metamodeling using Active Learning; F. Antunes, F. Pereira, B. Ribeiro
  4. A Generic Predictive Model for On-Street Parking Availability; E. Unlu, J-B Delfau, B. Nguyen, E. Chau, M. Chouiten
10:30 – 10:50 Coffee break
10:50 – 12:30

SESSION 2: Optimization

Session Chair: E. Unlu

  1. Identifying relevant transfer-connections from entry-only Automatic Fare Collection data: the case study of Porto; J. Hora, T. G. Dias, A. Camanho
  2. Optimising Supply Chain Logistics System Using Data Analytics Techniques; E. Mangina, N. Kashyap, M. Saffari, I. Vlachos
  3. Analyzing a fleet solution using scenarios; A. L. Martins, A. C. Nunes, B. Carvalho
  4. Optimize Capacity for a Uniform Waste Transportation; A. F. Oliveira, J. T. Costa, A. L. Martins, J. C. Ferreira
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 15:00 

SESSION 3: Citizen-centre needs

Session Chair: F. Krebs

  1. Automatic generation of spider maps for providing public transports information; S. Santos, T. G. Dias, T. Sobral
  2. Public Transportation Prediction with Convolutional Neural Networks; D. Panovski and T. Zaharia
  3. Tourism Guidance Tracking and Safety Platform; F. Gonzalves, A. L. Martins, J. C. Ferreira, E. Marques, M. Andrade, L. Mota
  4. App Guidance for Parking Occupation Prediction; G. Alface, J. C. Ferreira, R. Pereira
15:00 – 15:20 Coffee break
15:20 – 16:50

SESSION 4: Visualization

Session Chair: D. Panovski

  1. Evaluation of SIMMARC: An Audiovisual System for the Detection of Near-miss Accidents; F. Krebs, G. Thallinger, H. Neuschmied, F. Graf, G. Huber, K. Fallast, P. Vertal, E. Kolla
  2. Assessing the YOLO series through empirical analysis on the KITTI dataset for autonomous driving ; F. Ramos, R. Rossetti, A. Correira
  3. Evaluation of Broadcast Storm Mitigation Techniques on Vehicular Networks enabled by WAVE or NDN; O. Gama, A. Santos, A. Costa, B. Dias, J. Macedo, M. J. Nicolau, B. Ribeiro, F. Goncalves
  4. Non-destructive diagnostic methods as support assessment smart road infrastructure; L. Micechova, J. Jandacka, J. Mikolaj, A. Kriskova, M. Veselovsky
16:50 – 17:10 Coffee break
17:10 – 18:40

SESSION 5: Sensing

Session Chair: F. Ramos

  1. Towards Dynamic Monocular Visual Odometry Based on an Event Camera and IMU Sensor; S. Mohamed, M-H. Haghbayan, M. Rabah, J. Heikkonen, H. Tenhunen, J. Plosila
  2. Tracking and Classification of Aerial Objects; M. Baptista, L. Fernandes, P. Chaves
  3. LiDAR SLAM Positioning Quality Evaluation in Urban Road Traffic; F. Andert and H. Mosebach
  4. DORA: An experimental platform for Smart Cities; P. N. Vivek, A. Kutvonen, B. Molina, P. B. Munoz, J-N. Willing
2nd Conference day 06.12.2019

Intetain 2019

INTETAIN conference will take place on the 6th December in the room #1
8:45 – 9:30


Professor MOHD SHAHRIZAL SUNAR, Institute Director, Institute of Human of Centered Engineering (iHumEn) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia Title: Trends and Challenges in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
9:30- 10:30

SESSION 1: Technology as Tool for New Sensory ExperiencesSession Chair: Professor MOHD SHAHRIZAL SUNAR, PhD

  1. Gamified Virtual Reality Sport of User Experience: A Review; Mohd Nor, Nurshamine Nazira  (Faculty of Engineering, School of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Shahrizal Sunar, Mohd  (Institute of Human Centered Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  1. Increasing the Representation of People with Disabilities in Industry 4.0: Technopreneurship, Malaysia Perspectives; Abu Talib, Ruhiyati Idayu (Media and Game Innovation Centre of Excellence, Institute of Human Centered Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Sunar, Mohd Shahrizal (Institute of Human Centered Engineering (iHumEN), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)); Mohamed, Ruzimi  (School of Computing, Faculty of Engineering, UTM)
  2. Tools of Smart Governance in Cities of the Slovak Republic; Caganova, Dagmar (MTF STU)
  3. Regional brand in Slovak tourism; Caganova, Dagmar (MTF STU); Beresecká, Janka  (Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia); Nagyová, Ľudmila  (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra)
10:30 – 10:50 Coffee break
10:50 – 12:00

SESSION 2: Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in Society of Future

Session Chair: Associate Professor DAGMAR CAGANOVA, PhD

  1. Crossing Sensory Boundaries with Creative Productions; Nikolic, Predrag (Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University); Russo, Nancy (OTAP Research Center, Comp Sci and Media Tech Dept. Malmö University)
  2. Lightweight Neural Network for Sketch Recognition on Mobile Phones; Kong, Ni  (Northwest University, Xi’an, China); Hou, Hong  (Northwest University, Xi’an, China); Bai, Zhe  (Northwest University Xi’an, China); Guo, Xiaoqun  (Northwest University Xi’an, China)
  3. Should we share rights and obligations with artificial intelligent robots?; Pusca, Andy (Danubius University)
  4. Robot Creativity: Humanlike Behaviour in The Robot-Robot Interaction; Nikolic, Predrag (Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University), Md Tomasi, Mohd Razali (Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia)
12:00 – 13:00 

SESSION 3: E-platform for Improving Collaboration among Universities and Industrial Enterprises in the Area of Education

Session chair: assoc. prof. Dagmar Caganova, PhD.

Co-chair: MSc. Natalia Hornakova, PhD.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

SmartGov 2019

EAI International Conference on Smart Governance for Sustainable Smart Cities 2nd day 6th December

SMARTGOV conference will take place on the 6th December in the room #3

9:00 – 9:15 SMARTGOV Opening Ceremony
9:15 – 9:45

Keynote Speech: Soumaya Ben Dhaou

Title: Smart governance for smart sustainable cities and settlements. Abstract: We are facing today unprecedented societal, environmental and economic global challenges. Government and public services are failing to address solutions. We are at a point when we are all called to act collectively to face a number of these challenges. The concept of Smart sustainable cities and settlement aims to provide innovative solutions to cities and settlements using ICTs and other means to improve quality of life, efficiency, of urban and communities operations and services in different areas (mobility, environment, people, living and public service) for the present without compromising the need for the future generations with respect to the economic, social and environment.  However, it is important to leverage the power of technology to reach these goals by improving management, reducing inefficiencies and generating sustainable public values. We will discuss in this presentation how the emerging/frontier and disruptive technologies leveraged in smart cities initiatives could be oriented toward sustainable public value generation. This question is directly related to the governance, the role of the technology in this governance and how the intelligence of smart cities could be turned into sustainable development.
9:50 – 11:10

SESSION 1: Framing and measuring Smart Cities

Session Chair: Lorenzo Madrid
  1. Review of Measures to Evaluate Smart Sustainable Cities; Judy Backhouse
  2. Cognitive Systems for Urban Planning: A Literature Review; Lorena Recalde, Jaime Meza, and Luis Terán
  3. Well-Being Indexes – Privileged Tools for Smart Cities Governance; Bruno Rebelo and Orlando Belo
  4. A Unified Reference Model for Smart Cities; Nuno Soares, Paula Monteiro, Francisco J. Duarte, and Ricardo J. Machado
11:10 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 13:00

SESSION 2: Smart Governance applications

Session Chair: Luís Soares Barbosa
  1. Implementation of GDPR: Learning with a Local Administration Case Study; Fernando Martins, Luís Amaral and Pedro Ribeiro
  2. A paired conceptual framework integrating information systems research and democracy theory; Maria Anastasiadou, Vítor Duarte dos Santos and Ana Maria Evans
  3. An investigation of citizen’s e-participation within Oman’s police department Facebook page; Dr. Tamanna Dalwai, Menila James, William Webster, Abdullah Mohammed Alshukaili, and Arockiasamy Soosaimanickam
  4. Assessing Urban Critical Infrastructure Using Online GIS and ANN: An Empirical Study of Bucharest City (Romania); Adriana Reveiu
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

SESC 2019

EAI International Conference on Sustainable Energy for Smart Cities 2nd day – 6h December

DAY 2 – 6th December

9:00 – 11:00


Session Chair:João L. Afonso and Vitor Monteiro
  1. Advanced Load-Shift System: An Experimental Validation of the ac-dc Converter as Shunt Active Power Filter, Monteiro, Vitor; Sousa, Tiago; Afonso, Joao, L; Alves, Tiago, L; Pinto, J.; Rodrigues, Ana
  2. A Novel Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Based on a Current-Source Converter with Reduced Dc-link, Monteiro, Vitor; Barros, Luis; Afonso, Joao; Pinto, J.; Exposto, Bruno; Oliveira, Catia
  3. New Analytical Formulas for Coupling Coefficient of Two Inductively Coupled Ring Coils in Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System, AL-SAADI, Mohammed; VALTCHEV, Stanimir; CRĂCIUNESCU, Aurelian
  4. Three-Phase Smart Energy Meter for Grid-Connected PV Installations, Monteiro, Vitor; Haddouk, Amira; Hlaili, Manel; Hfaiedh, Mechergui; Afonso, Joao
  5. Towards Green Data Centers, Bourhnane, Safae; Abid, Mohamed Riduan; Lghoul, Rachid; Zine-Dine, Khalid; Elkamoun, Najib; Benhaddou, Driss
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break

Urb-IoT 2019

4th EAI International Conference on IoT in Urban Space

Urb-IoT conference will take place on the 6th December in the room #1

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30

SESSION 1: Sensing Methods

Session Chair: Philipp M. Scholl
  1. A Feasibility Study on the Use of Smartphone Sensors for Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems; Nuno M. Santos, André Ferreira, João Miguel Fernandes.
  2. A low-cost video-based solution for city-wide bicycle counting in starter cities; Eduardo Peixoto, João Moutinho, Rui José
  3. NeuralIO: Indoor Outdoor Detection via Multimodal Sensor Data Fusion on Smartphones; Long Wang, Lennard Sommer, Till Riedel, Michael Beigl, Yexu Zhou, Yiran Huang
  4. Challenges and limitations for the systematic collection of cycling data from bike sensors; Miguel Costa, Rui José
15:30 – 15:50 Coffee break
15:50 – 17:20

SESSION 2: Environmental Sensing

Session Chair: Matthias Budde
  1. Short-Term Indoor Radon Gas Study in a Granitic School Building: a comparative analysis of occupation periods; Rolando Azevedo, Joaquim Silva, Nuno Lopes, António Curado and Sérgio I. Lopes
  2. Air Quality Monitor and Forecast in Norway using NB-IoT and Machine Learning; Hai Nguyen, Andreas Lepperød, Sigmund Akselsen, Leendert Wienhofen, Pinar Øzturk and Weiqing Zhang
  3. A Visual Analytics Approach for Effective Radon Risk Perception in the IoT Era; Sérgio I. Lopes, Sanne Bogers, Pedro M. Moreira and António Curado
  4. Characterizing air quality in urban areas with mobile measurement and high resolution open spatial data: comparison of different machine learning approaches using a visual interface; Yao Shen, Stephan Lehmler, Syed, Monjur Murshed and Till Riedel

HealthyIoT 2019

6th EAI International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare

HEALTHYIOT conference will take place on the 6th December in the room #2
11:30 – 13:00

SESSION 1: IoT for Health sensors & systems

  1. Sensor data synchronization in a IoT environment for infants motricity measurement:Sguazza, Simone; Puiatti, Alessandro; Bernaschina, Sandra; Faraci, Francesca; Ramelli, Gianpaolo; D’Apuzzo, Vincenzo; Rossini, Emmanuelle; Papandrea, Michela
  2. A Real-time Algorithm for PPG Signal Processing During Intense Physical Activity: Gentili, Andrea; Belli, Alberto; Palma, Lorenzo; Pierleoni, Paola; Egi, Salih Murat
  3. Design and Testing of a Textile EMG Sensor for Prosthetic Control: Arruda, Luisa, M.; Calado, Alexandre; Boldt, Rachel; Yu, Yao; Carvalho, Helder; Carvalho, Miguel; Ferreira, Fernando; Soares, Filomena; Matos, Demétrio
  4. Design of a smart mechatronic system to combine garments for blind people: first insights: Rocha, Daniel; Carvalho, Vitor; Soares, Filomena; Oliveira, Eva
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00- 15:30

SESSION 2: IoT for Health applications and solutions – I

  1. Towards a smartwatch for cu-less blood pressure measurement using PPG signal and physiological features: Mouney, Franck; TIPLICA, Teodor; FASQUEL, Jean-Baptiste; DINOMAIS, Mickeal; HALLAB, Magid
  2. WiFi-enabled Automatic Eating Moment Monitoring Using Smartphones: Lin, Zhenzhe; Xie, Yucheng; Guo, Xiaonan; Wang, Chen; Ren, Yanzhi; Chen, Yingying
  3. AidAlzheimer – Daily Assistant for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: Cecílio, José
  4. SocialBike: Quantified-self Data as Social Cue in Physical Activity: Yang, Nan; van Hout, Gerbrand; Feijs, Loe; Chen, Wei; Hu, Jun
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00- 17:30 

SESSION 3: IoT for Health applications and solutions – II

  1. Assisting Radiologists in X-Ray Diagnostics: Tenescu, Andrei; Avramescu, Cristian; Bercean, Bogdan; Iarca, Stefan; Sebastian, Fuicu
  2. Design and Evaluation for Digital Forensic Ready Wireless Medical Systems: Tian, Zhuang; Cusack, Brian; Kyaw, Ar Kar
  3. An IoT-based Healthcare Ecosystem for Home Intelligent Assistant Services in Smart Homes: Mendonça, Miguel; Jerónimo, Tomás; Julião, Mauro; Santos, João; Pombo, Nuno; Silva, Bruno, M. C.