Keynote Day

What is a Keynote day?

Instead of giving your speech during the co-located conferences as before; on this Summit 2019 you get to speak on the Keynote Day. This is a new concept that allows you to reach out to the whole audience of Smart City 360 Summit 2019 on the very first day.

Speakers will present and discuss challenges, technology forecasts, opportunities, and solutions.
Past 360° Summits featured speakers from Microsoft, IBM, CISCO, Uber, the European Commission, and many more.

Why should you take a part?

Speak to a bigger audience

Spotlight for a full 360° perspective on Smart Cities

Discuss cooperation and build international partnerships

We would be truly honoured if you would accept our invitation to be part of the Smartcity360˚ Summit 2019. This year we have 7 conferences in the areas of sustainable energy, urban space, future vehicular technologies, healthcare, networks & communications and others. Please have a quick look at the co-located events here. The scope of each conference is listed on their websites for further information.

Explore Your Speaker Opportunities

Become a keynote speaker – present your area of expertise

Organize a panel- become a member of the organizing committee

Participate in a Panel- take part in panel discussion with other professionals and industry leading experts

To get more information about the Speaker opportunities and incentives contact [email protected]


Technology in Urban Spaces

– Urban data analytics, data mining and understanding data using machine learning
– Urban IoT infrastructures
– Incentivization, gamification, participatory and crowd-sourcing techniques
– Data-driven urban planning and design

Sustainability and Energy

-Energy and Environment, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Energy Storage Systems
-Management of Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Systems Modelling, Energy Traffic Balance
-Smart Grids, Microgrids, Smart Homes, Smart Energy, Energy Control and Decision, Demand Response
– Intelligent Energy Monitoring, Smart Sensors, Advanced Metering Infrastructures
– Power Quality, Active Power Filters, Power -System Stability, Reliability and Security
-Energy Efficiency in Transportation, Technology and Innovation for Railways
– Smart Building Technologies, Green Industrial Automation and Control, New Lighting Technologies


– Vehicular Technologies and Standards
– Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles
– Intelligent Transportation Networks
– Intelligent Traffic Monitoring, Control and Management
– Advanced Public Transportation
– Advanced Modelling and Simulation Tools for IVT
– Air, Road, and Rail Traffic Management
– Advanced Emergency Management through IVT
– Sensors, Detectors and Actuators for IVT
– Big Data and Analysis for Vehicular Networks
– Cellular assisted IVT in 5G and beyond
– M2M Communication for Vehicular Networks
– Cloud Computing Practices for Vehicular Networks.
– Intelligent Cooperative Techniques and Systems
– Localization Algorithms and Services for IVT
– Secure Communication in IVT

Technology in Healthcare

– Cloud and IoT for Healthcare
– Data Mining of Health Data Collection Transmission and Storage on the Cloud
– Design and Architecture of IoT eHealth Systems
– Forensics, Security, Safety and Privacy in eHealth and IoT
– Intelligent Data Processing and Predictive Algorithms in eHealth
– Interoperability and Standardization Issues in IoT and Healthcare
– Medical and Sensor Data Sensing and Stream Processing
– Quantified Self Devices & Technologies
– Sensor Network Operating Systems and Resource Management
– Telemedicine Applications
– Wearable Sensor Systems
– Wellness and Health Management Applications