Call for Demos

The 7th EAI International Convention on Science and Technologies for Smart Cities invites Demos that address innovative and important topics related to the application of various technologies in the field of smart cities.

This is your opportunity to virtually showcase new proofs of concept, services, prototypes, and products in front of expert audience and get well deserved recognition within the EAI Community of more than 160.000 researchers and professionals worldwide.

Convention registrants will participate in online voting for the entire duration of the event to decide the Best Community-voted Demo Award and the winner of a 1000€ cash prize.

Accepted submissions will receive:

  • Virtual showcase room with revolving attendance for the entire duration of the convention,
  • A public virtual showcase in EUDL – European Union Digital Library after the convention ends – shared with the global EAI Community,
  • A fast-track opportunity to publish an extended version of the paper in one of the indexed EAI Endorsed Transactions,
  • A chance to win a 1000€ cash prize for the Best Community-voted Demo Award as determined by online voting by the convention attendees.

All submissions are required to contain:

  • Abstract
  • 1-page White paper outlining your demo,
  • 10-minute video showcase of your demo.

Demos should be submitted before November 22nd in order to be considered for acceptance. A valid Demo Registration is required for every Accepted Demo in order to be showcased.

Submit Demo

A successful submission communicates ideas and concepts in a powerful way that a regular presentation cannot. All accepted submissions are showcased during the convention in a virtual room where the presenters have the ability to interact with other attendees and showcase their work and technologies. We therefore encourage making your presentation visually or otherwise appealing and presenting it in an innovative way.

We seek novel, innovative, and exciting work in areas including but not limited to:

  • AI-Assisted Solutions for COVID-19,
  • Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Internet of Things,
  • Intelligent Edge Processing,
  • Cognitive Computing,
  • Cyber-physical Systems,
  • Privacy and Security,
  • Forensics,
  • Sustainability,
  • Service Optimization,
  • Smart Infrastructure,
  • Sensor Systems,
  • Smart Governance.

Submissions will be evaluated based on their originality, significance of the contribution to the field, technical correctness and the quality of the presentation. The submission should make explicit how the work offers unique and substantial contribution beyond what has already been published or submitted.